How to Fix Shaders Button Does Not Work on OptiFine 1.18

WARNING: Optifine has been Updated to 1.18 and fixed the problem with the button not working; check out the tutorial on installing Optifine 1.18.

Suppose you downloaded the latest version of Optifine 1.18 and couldn’t install Shaders because the button is blocked or not working. In that case, it’s because Optifine isn’t fully compatible with Minecraft 1.18 yet, and that’s why it’s called “PREVIEW.”

The Shaders button is grayed out 1.18 and not clickable because it is still under development.

The OptiFine development team has already commented this bug, and they are working to fix it.

OptiFine development team about optifine 1.17

Remember that OptiFine is already over 80% complete its production status.

How to Fix Shaders Button Not Working (Grayed out)

The only way to anticipate and play Shaders in version 1.17 so far is to use a PRE version of the game, whose shaders are compatible. For this, you will need precisely two things:

  • preview_OptiFine_21w08b_HD_U_G9_pre12.jar
  • minecraft_snapshot_21w08b (It’s a snapshot of version 1.17)
  1. First, update Minecraft to snapshot_21w08b version.
  1. After you finish, close Minecraft and install preview_OptiFine_21w08b_HD_U_G9_pre12.jar
install preview_OptiFine_21w08b_HD_U_G9_pre12
  1. Please select the correct profile when opening Minecraft; it has the preview name in its title.
  1. If you did everything right so far, it would be possible to see the Shaders option enabled again.
installing optifine on minecraft 1.17
  1. Now download one of our Minecraft Shaders and have a great game.

When Optifine is in its final version, it will not be necessary to run the game with specific versions; it will be compatible with version 1.17.