Minecraft PE

Do you want to Download Minecraft PE This will work on any platform such as: Android, iOS, Windows, Xbox or Playstation. This is the newest beta version for the Minecraft Pocket Edition. This is also the sixth beta version for this. It was released on November 16, 2022. You can expect lots of new skins and some bug fixes.

What is new in Minecraft

You will find lots of exciting changes in the new beta for Minecraft PE There are new skins available for free and for everyone, you can transport the items on raft and there is also a new type of wood. The developers are doing amazing job and trying to make each update as best as possible. Regarding the skins, there will be seven new skins beside Steve and Alex. 

It will be available in the menu, you can change it for free. This is probably the best thing in this update so far, for many years there were only 2 skins available, you can have seven now! You can also finally meet the camel in the deserts of Minecraft PE It can move fast and save you from some bloody fights against other enemies. They have also changed the appearance of Vex. 

It will be much easier to sit on that and also fixed a problem with pulling players. Bee nectar will now increase the level of honey in their Hives which is totally awesome.You can also find new items in Minecraft such as chiseled bookshelf that will help you to store the enchanted books. You can also enjoy new hanging signs!

Fixes & Changes


  • There will be enabled new touch controls by default now.
  • 7 new skins instead of 2.


  • The trivial joystick is removed when the player is on the raft (MCPE-163758) 
  • Fixed FPS drops when hovering over item slots. (MCPE-162277)
  • No bees leaving their nectar in the beehives now.
  • Change to player being pushed when stucked inside a block (MCPE-136536)


You can find the download link on this website. Download the file and then open the installation file in your mobile phone. You can find the game on the main screen.

This animals live only on the desert. It is rare to spawn but once you find it, it will never leave you. You can’t find it anywhere else.

You will need any type of wood (six stripped log) and two iron chains. Put the iron chains on the left top and right top corner and fill the first and second column with six stripped log. You will receive 6 hanging signs.