Minecraft PE

Do you want to Download Minecraft PE Any platform, including Android, iOS, Windows, Xbox, and Playstation, will support this. This is the most recent beta for the Minecraft Pocket Edition. And also, this is the first beta version for 1.19.60. The publication date was on December 1, 2022. Expect additional spawn eggs, piglin heads, bamboo building pieces, and of course bug fixes.

What is new in Minecraft PE

As in all new updates, you can find lots of exciting news in this one. I will show you everything important in this article. In Minecraft, you can expect to have a new spawn eggs for ender dragon. But this is not only for the dragon, you will have a new spawn eggs for: Iron Golem, Snow Golem, Wither Mobs. This is a great thing because you don’t have to find iron to make a golem. If you want to get an egg for an ender dragon and wither, you will have to do this through the command. This will prevent accidental destruction of your builds. 

Some of them are currently available in the Creative Mode but they might be removed later. They also added a support for the mixed color blending in Minecraft PE The polar bear spawn egg color have been changed. Many people were changing it with the ghast spawn egg, that’s why the developers decided to change the color. This is not everything, they also added a block of bamboo to the Minecraft You can craft it using 9 bamboos. There is also a stripped block of bamboo, you can get it when you use an axe on the bamboo block. You can craft both (bamboo block and stripped bamboo block) into 2 bamboo planks.

Fixes & Changes


  • The main change is the color of the polar bear egg. It will now have a different color to separate it from the ghast egg.
  • There are also some new technical changes:
  • New actor filters (on_fire ; on_hot_block ; target_distance ; actor_health)
  • Added Molang (is_local_player) it will detect the current player
  • New AI goals (celebrate_survive ; move_outdoors ; trade_with_player)


  • You can’t push entity out of the doors by redstone (MCPE-158971)
  • You can now path all mobs through roses (MCPE-159212)
  • Fixed color arrays (MCPE-163622)
  • Husks will now fit into a two blocks space (MCPE-105369)
  • Tropical fish will now not use the surface density limit to spawn underground (MCPE-157485)


On this website, you can find the download link. Open the installation file after downloading the file to your phone. On the home screen, you can access the game.

We don’t know yet. The reason of this is because it had the same color as the ghast egg. It will be somethiing between blue and white.

Yes, you can find two new blocks in this beta update. There is a block of bamboo, you can craft it when you find and use 9 bamboos in the crafting table. And there is a stripped block of bamboo. You will get it when you use the axe on bamboo block.