Minecraft PE

Do you want the Minecraft PE download? This is supported on all platforms, including Windows, Xbox, Playstation, Android, and iOS. The most recent beta for the mobile version of Minecraft is this one. Additionally, 1.19.64’s first beta version is available now. The beta was released on December 14, 2022. In addition to bug improvements, expect to see more spawn eggs, piglin heads, and bamboo building materials.

What is new in Minecraft PE

You can find lots of great news in this update, as you can do in every new versions. This is also the fourth beta for 1.19.60. I will show you everything you need to know in this article. In Minecraft, you can expect to get fixed lots of bugs that were in the previous betas. There were some technical fixes like JSON. They remove the unintented ability to have a raw text. And yes, this update is mostly about mobs too. They have changed some commands like: variable_max_auto_step to controlled_value. And also the jump prevented value is no over both of these values. 

You can have all these amazing changes in the new update. The chiseled booshelf is now filled with the drops of books from the play in Minecraft PE They also added a new feature taht is called getEffectswhich, that will return the array to the entity. When it comes to the commands, the bug with @initiator selector is now disabled in Minecraft Mobs again, slimes and the magma will no longer spawn in spaces 2 blocks tall, or even less. When it comes to raids, it will now trigger when player with Bad Omen enter a village. Hopper will not fail to collect items when you try to pull them in multiple item types.

Fixes & Changes


  • JSON (The unintended ability to set withproperty was removed)
  • Mobs: Minecraft:variable_max_auto_step has a new property now, and that is controlled_value (It will override base_value when the mob is controlled by the player.)


  • No spawning for magma cubes and slimes in 2 blocks tall places. (MCPE-46540)
  • You will now trigger the raid while having the Bad Omen and enter the village. (MCPE-152774)
  • While getting attacked by the mobs, the degradation of the items were fixed. (MCPE-157150)
  • You can’t push the horse over the fence now (MCPE-164717) 
  • Vex’s hitbox is now vertically centered (MCPE-257340)
  •  Vex now use separate charging animation (MCPE-164490) 
  • Vex and Allay will now sit in boats or in their minecarts (MCPE-164441)


You can access the download link on this website. After downloading the file to your phone, launch the installation file. The game can be accessed from the home screen.

Yes, the mobs have now new properties and the new one will also override the property while being controlled by the player.

No, there are not any new items unfortunately. Only fixes for the Hopper to collect all items and degradation when getting attacked by the mobs.


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